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Turkey has a fascinating history, modern culture and friendly people. Crystal waters of the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara provide an attractive sailing ground with modern facilities that will meet the requirements of the most demanding visitors. Natural environment, archeological sites, sea, sun and history are the ideal formula for yachting enthusiasts and exciting vacations in Turkey.

Visitors will be attracted by both modern and ancient colorful world; mosques, bazaars, castles, villages, hidden coves, beautiful beaches and modern facilities all along the coast. Visit some of the most popular destinations in Turkey with booming yachting industry. Experience the fusion of different cultures and two different worlds, the old civilization and modern ambience.

Among the most popular resorts we must mention the most sophisticated resort Marmaris, modern tourist center of Bodrum, busy marina of Fethiye, the most popular and attractive town of Antalya, great historical city of Istanbul, widely recognized as the city of culture and beauty where two continents meet.

Different regions of Turkey provide a good many options and possibilities for visitors. Diverse personality and cuisine, various landscapes and rich history have always been a great attraction for many. Its Mediterranean coast boasts wonderful scenery, splendid beaches and coves for a truly serene vacation. The Aegean coast is a real spectacle with beautiful gulfs and peninsulas. The Black Sea region is covered with green forests and valleys, while its narrow coastline is lined with villages and beaches. Marmara is the region of hills, vineyards, fields of sunflowers and the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture.

Surrounded by four seas and their clear waters, Turkey holds a reputation as an important and very attractive tourist destination in the world. Yachtsmen can enjoy the unspoiled coastline, swimming in the deep waters, exploring the wonders under the sea surface and many other interesting activities.

Gulet is among the major highlights in Turkey, being the Turkey’s indigenous vessel. These vessels are well equipped with all the comforts for relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all passengers during their cruise along the coast of Turkey.

The Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts are perhaps the most popular sailing destinations. These areas feature the most established marinas at Izmir, Cesme, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Finike, Antalya and other interesting places. All the marinas provide high standard services and facilities for yachtsmen.

The high season is concentrated mainly in July and August. Late spring and early fall are perhaps the best times to travel to Turkey, for their moderate temperatures and good weather conditions. Besides, the crowds are not so intense. The Mediterranean and the Aegean coasts enjoy long, hot summers and mild winters, so these parts are of a great interest among tourists.

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