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Calm and warm Mediterranean waters, beautiful landscapes, fascinating towns and sites are attraction to visitors from all over the world. Spain is a must see destination for all adventure enthusiasts. It has become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, due to its trendy holiday resorts, bustling towns, rugged coast, wild landscapes, white sand beaches, old festivals, amazing architecture and art, passionate flamenco dance, vibrant places, islands and plenty of sunshine.

Sailing holidays in Spain allow every visitor to experience a truly magical adventure in one of the favorite charter playgrounds. Numerous ports and marinas along the coast with modernly developed facilities provide luxury, comfort and safety for all yachtsmen.

Yacht charter is the perfect option for all sea lovers and watersports enthusiasts. You will be attracted by wonderful coves, secluded bays and beaches, modern resorts and a great many opportunities. Cruise along the Mediterranean coast of Spain or sail towards the beautiful Balearic and Canary Islands to experience all the joy of this wonderful country.

Geographical and cultural diversity of this country is immense; forests, arid plains, green river valleys, rocky bays and coves, and long sandy beaches. Then the great heritage of the ancient civilizations; Roman temples and aqueducts, Moorish baths, fortresses, mosques, medieval cathedrals and castles, palaces, to present day masterpieces and modern architecture. Spain is a real paradise for tourists. Its amazing coastline and excellent weather conditions are the ideal formula for the perfect sailing vacations.

Spain Yacht Charter