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Italy is a land of inspiration, where pleasure derives from magnificent scenery, glorious towns rich in history and culture, spectacular sites, incredible art, fashion and impeccable style. The country offers some of the most appealing sightseeing opportunities to yachtsmen. It has become increasingly sought after by those who wish to experience something different.

Italian coast is one of the most attractive and favorite holiday resort, a playground for the first class yacht charters. Striking resorts with remarkable views, crystal waters, various tourist attractions, marina facilities and natural anchorages providing shelter for boaters, all create the perfect setting for a variety of sailing activities and an exclusive vacation along the Italian coast.

Among the most attractive sailing spots in Italy we must mention the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, then Capri and Ischia in the Gulf of Naples, Elba as the largest of the Tuscany archipelago, the Aeolian Islands and many other colorful and vibrant places. Sicily boasts a number of archeological sites, places of historical and cultural interest, medieval castles, parks and beautiful beaches.

Among the most popular tourist resorts we must mention Agrigento, Cefalù, Marsala, Siracusa, Messina and other marvelous places.

June and September are ideal for seaside vacations and sailing; the temperatures are mild and the crowds are not so intense. Italians go on vacation in August, and though many hotels, restaurants and other services might not be available in the inlands, the majority heads towards the sea where you can find all the necessary facilities.

Yachtsmen can benefit from excellent weather conditions of typically Mediterranean climate during the whole charter season. Italy is a place for all ages. The country offers some of the most appealing sailing spots, dramatic scenery, cultural and artistic treasures of coastal resorts and much more. Explore the stunning Italian coast and get to the world’s most interesting tourist destinations.

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