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Greece is a real paradise for yachtsmen with its enchanted archipelagos, gulfs and abundance of sightseeing opportunities and attractions.

This wonderful cruising ground will fulfill the most demanding expectations. Warm waters of the seas, more than 2000 islands of unique beauty and charm, beautiful secluded bays and beaches, small ports and marinas have always attracted tourists to this land of history and tradition.

Greece has a lot to offer to every visitor; spectacular landscapes, famous archeological sites, villages, numerous architectural masterpieces, cultural events, festivals and many other attractions. Warm hospitality and great atmosphere await everyone who decides to explore the beauties of Greece.

Experience the charm of the Greece coastline aboard a yacht and cruise towards the hundreds of spectacular and picturesque islands. Beautiful archipelago is the perfect setting for island hopping due to the short distances between the islands and excellent playground for various watersport activities; sailing is the most popular sport today, scuba diving provides an excitement of exploring the underwater world, snorkeling, water skiing is pretty popular for it does not require special trainings, windsurfing, an exciting sport for everyone.

Diversity is what makes the coast of Greece so special and attractive. Tourists can enjoy various attractions; small bays and coves, sandy beaches, caves surrounded by steep rocks, dark sand, pebbly shores. Most beaches have well developed infrastructure with all the facilities for visitors, including yacht berths, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops. However, one can still find a hidden cove for a truly relaxed and quiet vacation.

Greek islands are a real phenomenon in Europe. They offer diverse landscapes, unique archeological sites, centuries old traditions, all combined with excellent weather conditions and safe waters that make the islands extremely popular in the world.

Most islands are located in the Aegean Sea and can be divided into seven groups:

Of the small group of islands in the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos, Corfu, Lefkada, Paxi, Meganissi are the most popular.Yachting is very popular activity in Greece which offers the possibility to sail among the most beautiful islands, find a shelter, anchor in a hidden bay and enjoy the quietness of a secluded beach. The whole area is perfect for both short and long cruises, for pleasant traveling in crystal waters.

Years of marine tradition strengthened the idea of Greece as one of the most appealing tourist destinations in the world

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