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We offer you the three types of yacht charters: bareboat, skippered and crewed. The difference? The bareboat yacht charter comes without a crew, with skippered yacht charter you rent both the boat and a skipper, while with crewed charter you get a fully crewed yacht.

You are allowed to choose a bareboat charter option if you are a licensed skipper. When chartering a yacht with no crew you will be obliged to have all the necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove you are able to sail by yourself.

If you want the maximum comfort and relaxation, it’s reasonable to choose a crewed charter option. By choosing a crewed charter, you also get the crew who will navigate, sail and prepare the beverages and meals. The yacht and crew you choose make all the difference in the success of your vacation- how many crew member will you hire depends not only on your preferences, but on the boat size as well.

A crewed sailing or motor megayacht provides you with comfortable to luxurious accommodations (depending on the size and price) of a five star hotel customized to your every need, while on smaller boats guests usually hire only skipper and/or hostess. When choosing the boat, keep in mind that skipper and hostess sleep on board and there must be enough berths for everyone. Larger motor yachts have separate crew quarters, but this is often not the case with smaller models.

For more information on role, assignments and responsibilities of every crew member click on links on the side.


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