Please find luxury yachts for charter located all over the world. Your only job is to relax and enjoy your vacation on our fully equipped and exclusive yachts with professional crew members.

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Here you can find all types of motor boats and yachts in our charter offer. They are fast and comfortable and might be good choice for your holiday if you wish to see as much as possible in short time.

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Worldwide selection of all types of sailing yachts for charter. Choose between professional racing models for active sailing and standard sailing cruiser for more relaxed sailing

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Worldwide offer of sailing and motor catamarans for rent specially attractive for large groups. Two hulls will provide you more space and comfort joined with safe but still fast sailing.

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Great selection of motor sailers worldwide for charter. Specially popular as a budget cruising for large groups up to 40 people. Clients can enjoy in home made local specialties prepared by crew and wide choice of beverages.

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Wide choice of gulets for charter in all top cruising areas. Gulets can accomodate small groups and are designed as luxury motor sailers with five star services and accomodation.

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Charter Regions

East Mediterranean

East Mediterranean CharterProbably the most appealing sailing destination of the world, the Eastern Mediterranean has always attracted tourists searching for an adventurous vacation. It is the world’s most indented sailing area. The whole region offers a variety of attractions and opportunities for each visitor, from special and exciting aspects of sailing to a great many attractions of Croatia, Greece and Turkey, their charm, hospitality, splendor, archeological and cultural diversity.
Explore the distinctive culture, history and cuisine of this splendid area which abounds in coastal highlights and unaffected charm. Apart form the spectacular beauty of its many beaches and bays, the whole Eastern Mediterranean has many attractive places, rich cultural heritage, magnificent architectural structures and archeological sites.

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West Mediterranean

West Mediterranean CharterThe Western Mediterranean is connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar on the west and includes the area between Spain, France and Italy. It is the world-known playground that provides prestigious and stylish vacations for rich and famous and for all in search for sailing adventure.

For many, the Western Mediterranean is the most enjoyable destination which offers an incredible choice for yachtsmen; attractive beaches, hidden bays, magnificent ports and a number of exciting activities. The area comprises the exclusive waterfront which reflects the luxury of the French Riviera and its fashionable resorts, spectacular coastline of Italy with steep cliffs and charming towns, and impressive scenery of the Spanish coast which features some of the most attractive sailing spots.

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North East Atlantic

Northeast Atlantic CharterThe whole northeast Atlantic coast is a fascinating area to experience. It is an area of geographical and cultural diversity, offering a plethora of attractions, beautiful places with impressive architecture, preserved nature and remarkable surroundings.

The coastline of Portugal with diverse geographical features provides an ideal setting for all kinds of water sports. The rugged coast, cliffs, forests, splendid sandy beaches and colourful towns are all complemented with the refreshing ocean air. The coast of Spain is another marvelous tourist area with secluded coves, valleys, spectacular views from the lush green hills, a number of fishing villages, sheltered ports, sandy beaches overlooked by high cliffs and dunes.

Some of the most appealing places can be found on the French Atlantic coast as well. Explore the stunning scenery of the coastline with abundance of charming towns and picturesque villages, pine forests and vineyards, numerous natural harbours, dramatic cliffs, bays and sandy beaches.


Carribean CharterThe Caribbean Sea is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean and a major tourist area due to its many islands and tropical climate. The area boasts so many places of interest, beauty and cultural diversity. More than 7000 islands and islets, each with unique charm and attractions, are world known holiday resorts and a perfect getaway from everyday life and obligations. Coral reefs, turquoise waters, colourful beaches, rain forests, fascinating history and tropical resorts have always been the mecca for all people searching for something different.

Explore the most beautiful tropical resorts of the Caribbean; cultural heritage and vibrant life of Cuba, then Jamaica, the most inviting of all the islands, colourful country of Haiti, impressive mountain ranges, spectacular scenery and exotic wildlife of the Dominican Republic, breathtaking coasts of the US Virgin Islands with the most spectacular panorama, amazing tropical island of Grenada with its rainforests, mountainous interior and blue waterfalls, then green hills and beautiful beaches of the British Virgin Islands, we must not forget the Bahamas, a fashionable destination for jetsetters and many other interesting places.


Mexico CharterSituated in Middle America, Mexico is bordered to the north by the USA, east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, south by Guatemala and Belize and west by the Pacific Ocean.
Mexico’s attractions are shown mainly through rich history, tradition, art and religion. Well developed tourist infrastructure provides comfortable and secure vacations throughout the country. Modern resorts, beautiful beaches, nature reserves, ancient sites, fascinating architecture, cultural tradition and festivities are the highlights of Mexico which have always attracted tourists from all over the world.

Yacht charter is the perfect way to explore the coast of Mexico with many attractive resorts and impressive hideaways. There are three main charter areas in Mexico; Baja California, the Mexican Riviera and Cancun.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean CharterIslands scattered in the Indian Ocean are a true example of beauty and perfection. Maldives, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, the Comoros, these are among the most exotic and beautiful islands in the world. In spite of their diversity and distinctive characteristics, all islands have warm and turquoise waters, abundant marine life and splendid white beaches.

The Seychelles boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not to mention calm and clear waters, granite rocks and coral reefs, perfect for water sports, a number of well developed tourist facilities and night spots to enjoy. We must not forget the sophisticated tourist resorts of Mauritius, its friendly and hospitable people; sparkling white beaches and fantastic underwater world of Maldives; wildlife and nature reserves of Madagascar, its forests and exotic plants; amazing underwater scenery of the Comoros Islands, all providing an ultimate vacation and a perfect setting for sailing, swimming, fishing and diving.

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Peter (Germany), We had a truly outstanding week, skipper, weather, destinations, boat… Everything just fine, and most enjoyable.
Colin (UK), We had a marvellous holiday and I am writing to thank you for all your help and assistance. The boat was presented in excellent condition, exceptionally clean and very well equipped. The team at Kremik were first class and I would ask that you thank them for all their efforts.
Having normally sailed in Greece and Turkey, we found the Croatia experience a refreshing change with beautiful scenery, unspoilt villages, excellent and varied food, first class marinas and friendly people. We crammed a great deal into the week and have come home with many happy memories - it was great holiday!
We'll be back!
Richard (UK), We had a most wonderful time. And we were looked after superbly by both you and the Marina office, in particular Anna who was brilliant and v helpful.
I will certainly be coming back to you. It was a great hols and we were treated professionally. Thank you for all you did to ensure all went well.
My best wishes and we will no doubt be in touch.
Giorgio (Italy), Thank you. The holiday was great and we'll definitely be coming back.
See you soon.
Alexander (Russia), Thank You a lot! That was amazing trip! You got a such a nice country! So nice people!
The nature is just perfect!
Thank You so much!
Massimo (Italy), I just want to tell you that our experience sailing Croatia was absolutely positive. The marina staff was very friendly and helpful, they were of great assistance and gave us all necessary information. The boat was just as I had expected, clean and in good condition and we had no problems while sailing.
I was a bit worried something might go wrong because this was the first time we booked a charter through your agency and on-line but this experience proved us how efficient and reliable you are.
Congratulations and thank you. We will definitely be back and until then I send you kind regards.
Marko (Serbia), It was great meeting you.
The cruise was great. Our skipper was excellent; he thought us a thing or two about sailing, and showed us some beautiful places.
Thank you a lot.
Allan (UK), We would like to thank your company for a fantastic trip. In particular we were extremely happy with our captain. He was a superb captain and all of the crew was extremely pleased to have him on board. He also suggested a very enjoyable route for the trip. Our particular boat was also in perfect condition and we only had smooth sailing over the seven days.
I will definitely be recommending your company to friends who are interested in visiting Croatia.
Thanks again.
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