Carribean Yacht CharterThe Caribbean Sea is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean and a major tourist area due to its many islands and tropical climate. The area boasts so many places of interest, beauty and cultural diversity.

More than 7000 islands and islets, each with unique charm and attractions, are world known holiday resorts and a perfect getaway from everyday life and obligations.

Coral reefs, turquoise waters, colourful beaches, rain forests, fascinating history and tropical resorts have always been the mecca for all people searching for something different.

Explore the most beautiful tropical resorts of the Caribbean; cultural heritage and vibrant life of Cuba, then Jamaica, the most inviting of all the islands, colourful country of Haiti, impressive mountain ranges, spectacular scenery and exotic wildlife of the Dominican Republic, breathtaking coasts of the US Virgin Islands with the most spectacular panorama, amazing tropical island of Grenada with its rainforests, mountainous interior and blue waterfalls, then green hills and beautiful beaches of the British Virgin Islands, we must not forget the Bahamas, a fashionable destination for jetsetters and many other interesting places.

The Caribbean Islands are widely recognized for their splendid beaches of different colours, perfect for lazy days. White sand beaches owe their colour to the parrot fish. The fish scrape off pieces of coral, digest the living substance and excrete the inorganic compound as silt and fine white sand. White sand beaches stretch along the coast of each island in the Caribbean. The pink sand gets its colour from tiny sea animals with bright pink or red shells. Harbour Island is famous for its pink sand beaches; Pink Beach is the most famous. Black sand beaches are formed when lava flows into the sea; waves and currents may form the beach materials from dark minerals of volcanic rocks. Volcanic black sand beaches stretch along the coasts of St. Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Grenada, Dominica and St. Lucia.

Carribean Yacht CharterThe Caribbean offers a great many attractions and entertainment all year round. There are slight differences in winter and summer temperatures. High season runs roughly from mid-December to mid-April. The off-season features less crowded beaches and better rates. However, some facilities may not be available.

Hurricane season hits the Caribbean islands from June to November. Hurricanes also have their peak season, which runs from August to October. Tourists might consider the low risk places; Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao for instance.


The Caribbean can be divided into three major groups of islands, each comprising numerous islets and cays.
The thousands of islands of Greater and Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas are among the most beautiful areas in the world.
The Bahamas includes over 700 islands and cays, located off the eastern coastlines of Florida and Cuba. The islands are characterized by diverse landscapes, from pine forests and lush plantations to colourful sandy beaches and caves.
The Bahamas are blessed with ideal climate, turquoise blue waters and outstanding sailing spots.
The Greater Antilles comprise four largest islands of the Caribbean Sea; Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.
The Lesser Antilles comprise the group of tiny islands that stretch from the Greater Antilles down to the coast of Venezuela.

Due to the short distances between the islands, visitors are provided with great opportunity, so called island hopping. It provides joy and excitement, an opportunity to see and visit a variety of islands, their many lush and tropical resorts, beautiful beaches and hidden coves.

The area includes some of the most interesting diving spots, including reefs, caves, wrecks and rich underwater world. It’s a great setting for different sports; sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkelling, waterskiing, all complemented with modern equipment and impeccable service to all visitors.

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