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Worldwide Yacht Charter is a successful Croatian broker agency, doing business in yacht purchase and trade since 2005. If you are looking for a reliable partner, our company will provide you a full service from start to finish and we will do our best to make this adventure easy, worry free and profitable... If you are selling your boat we will provide you the accurate information about the sales potential of your vessel and offer you the active marketing until the sale is once realised. Our professional staff will provide a yacht condition evaluation, list your vessel on our web site and Update daily a client renting/purchasing database as to inform potential customers when new listing are available.

SPECIAL OFFER – one free charter week!

Let's say that you decided to purchase the certain model of vessel, but you would like to try it first to check the performances and to discover the hidden flaws. Or you are the yacht enthusiast, but you are not certain what type of yacht is perfect for you... In these cases we always suggest to our customers to charter the boat or various model of boats first and then to decide.

In case you decided to purchase the vessel you rented through Worldwide Yacht Charter we have a very special deal to offer you! We will simply deduct the charter price from the sale price, giving you a week of free charter!*

Feel free to contact us for all additional information.

*It is possible that the boat you buy and charter are not the same particular boat, but it must be the same model.

Search yachts for sale

If you are buying a boat…

… we will provide you with complete and precise information about the boat you are interested in. If you don't find a vessel that might be suitable for you on our web sites, don't hesitate to contact us anyway. Tell us what kind of vessel you are looking for and our brokers will try to make you some interesting offers.


If you're selling a boat…

… our brokers will make the whole process as easy and simple as possible, keeping your interests in mind the whole time. They will create a marketing plan, and the first step is to define the advertising strategy which will achieve maximum results and attract the most interested clientele.


Choose the right boat

New or used?
Diesel or gasoline?
Inboard or outboard engine?
These are only three of many important decisions you’ll have to make if you decide to buy a boat. You’ll also have to decide where and how you’re going to use her – for family weekends, sailing along the coast, sports, long journeys or even living on board. Regardless what your intentions are, these few lines should help you choose the right model.